How have the politics and personality of US President Donald Trump been covered in your part of the world – too much, too little, too critical, or even too favourably? As the race to mid-term elections – which also mark the halfway point for Trump’s four years in office – heats up we check in with international journalists based in the US to find out how they have covered the presidency so far. American economic, social and foreign policies have all changed significantly since 2016, and the international reaction to those changes has been diverse. The world press has variously lampooned, applauded and often scolded a president who has captured headlines like no other before. On this episode of The Stream, join our roundtable of journalists with your questions and comments at 1930GMT. Join the conversation TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: Subscribe to our channel #aljazeeraenglish #donaldtrump #trumpnews #whitehouse


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