Models Off Duty In Saint Tropez | Follow along as Sanne Vloet and I Shop, Eat, almost CRASH on a scooter, fight off boys, and survive our day out in the South of France | Jessica Clements Hi guys, Happy Summer! My time in Europe is coming to an end, but I’m going to be back for sure for Fashion Week in Paris, London, and Milan. For those of you who have seen Sanne and I’s past vlogs let me know which vlog you liked the most in the comments below! On our day off we decided to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and venture out by scooter. I’d never driven one before so I was really nervous and if you watch the video you’ll see how funny and dangerous it was for us on our ride! We ate our hearts out that day so if you like food give us a thumbs up and I’ll make sure to keep sharing my food excursions! All in all this trip was amazing. I got to travel with my friend, spend time in the South of France, and most importantly we survived the day without any scratches (well I burned my hand on the exhaust) so no complaints on my end. If you guys liked this vlog and want to see more videos like this on my main channel let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to get back to New York City! My garden is waiting for me and I have a whole bunch of new beauty tutorial ideas that I cannot wait to film! Last question, do you guys like IG TV? I’m not sure how many of you guys follow me on Instagram, but I have started to upload beauty tutorials on IG TV. Let me know guys! xxx Jessica Instagram – @Jessmclements – NEW Travel IG – @voyageclementine –… My Last Video – Sanne Youtube – Instagram – @sannevloet –



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