The Smart Homes of The Future Tiny House by DroomParken Price: € 72.500 ($86,812.59) Smart use of space, innovative technology and a sleek design are the characteristics of a Tiny House. For the ‘Tiny Houses by DroomParken’ an experiment was made with a pallet stove, electric heating and solar panels. The materials used are ecologically sound and the layout and appearance are playful. That brings together less maintenance, less stuff, less energy consumption, less costs and less footprint! In a community atmosphere you share the terrace, benches and barbecues. Enjoying together and ‘the new chilling’ is the new holiday experience. Explanation Suitable for 2 people (and possibly 2 extra people using the sofa bed) Full-electric Expand with many nice options Includes kitchen € 72.500, – incl VAT (excluding lot) Layout Ground floor with bathroom (shower and sink), kitchen and sitting area Vide (low ceiling) via a staircase with a double bed Sofa bed suitable for 2 people Together with other Tiny Houses the house borders an open-air courtyard with barbecue and hot tub More information about our Tiny Houses can be found on:… More Videos: ======================== THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!



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