As always you’re genuine feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated. Tonight we discuss the history, science, and maths of the collapse of space-time gravity wells into singularities. These were named “black holes” in the 1960’s by the now legendary physicist John Wheeler. I hope you enjoy the background music and gameplay of Universe Sandbox. Thank you for all your warm support these past couple years. ►Social Media: •Instagram: lets_find_out_asmr •Twitter: •Reddit: u/glycoversi ►Donations: If you get something out of what I do and would like to help me to keep creating, every bit of support goes right back into the content here. Please contact me if you do, I’d love to thank you personally. •Venmo (NEW): @RichMcdaniel89 •PayPal: •Patreon: •Bitcoin address: (A scannable QR code) (wallet address) 1XPhPoyeqc3Xf1uktCPXCzfdEdi9PA7Xh ►Other ASMR channels you’ll like: Chycho ASMRctica Ephemeral Rift French Whisperer The ASMR Nerd ASMRWhisperingSpirit Gibi ASMR RaffytaphyASMR RelaxingASMR Gaslamp ASMR JoJo’s ASMR Goodnight Moon


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