PROJECT DESCRIPTION Z240 is an extremely comfortable house with an attic and a single-car garage. The interior of the house is comfortable and functional. In the left part a single-space day zone is planned. If necessary, the kitchen can be separated by a partition wall. The table in the dining annex was located next to a large window overlooking the garden. Thanks to this, you can always move a meal to the covered terrace. On the ground floor there is also an additional room, a small bathroom with a window and a handy pantry. Comfortable stairs with a landing ground lead to the night zone, where three spacious bedrooms, a large bathroom, a dressing room and a laundry room were designed. The annex of the hosts has its own bathing salon and a large wardrobe. A simple body and a gable roof guarantee low construction costs. Facades finished with elements of natural wood and simple garden grates with vines on the terrace add unusual charm and create a unique atmosphere. This project is also on the market under the name: – WAE2007 – TZB-852 – SZ5 Z240 D CE (HOUSE SZ3-44) TECHNICAL DATA Usable area / net 144.5 / 197.2 m² The area of ​​the garage is 26.5 m² The building area is 124.0 m² Cubature 18 194,1 m³ The usable area calculated in accordance with the minister’s regulation of April 25, 2012, House height 8.36 m A depression angle of 40 ° The roof area is 213 m² The height of the 0.91 m elbow wall Number of rooms 5 Wooden house type HEATING INSTALLATION Gas, recuperation in the project Primary energy (Ep) 93.55 kWh / m² / year Final energy (Ek) 77.65 kWh / m² / year In the design, the heating method is adapted to the room’s capabilities. If it is not possible to use a heater / s, then we use underfloor heating. CONSTRUCTION COSTS Estimated calculation PLN 371,951 Z240_kosztorys_szacunkowy The price of the wooden version is 3 370 PLN MATERIAL PROPOSALS WALL wooden skeleton STROP wooden Roof tile, roof tile Ground floor 69.3 / 95.8 m² 6.5 m² Hall + stairs 7.5 m² Cabinet 11.1 m² Living room + dining room 29.4 m² 8.6 m² kitchen Spoiler of 2.0 m² Bathroom 4.2 m² Garage + pom. hold. 26.5 m² ATTIC 75.1 / 101.4 m² 8.6 m² lounge Bathroom 8.9 m² Room 15.8 m² Room 15.5 m² Dressing area 2.2 m² Laundry 3,1 m² 13.5 m² room Dressing area 2.2 m² Bathroom 5,5 m² MINIMUM LAND DIMENSIONS WIDTH 21.22 m LENGTH 16.78 m   DIMENSIONS OF FRONT FACADES 13.22 m Learn more:… More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome ============================ #TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They’re economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.



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