There were big new year’s celebrations last night all over Korea, but for many people here the the big event is on the first morning of the year when the sun rises. And one of the most popular places to catch the sunrise is in the southeastern city of Ulsan, where the sun is seen the earliest on the Korean Peninsula. Our Lee Jeong-yeon was there this morning to check it out. Another year’s gone by, and now it’s 2018, the year of the dog. As is the tradition every New Year’s Day, people flocked to different parts of Korea to view the first sunrise. Here in Ganjelgot, Ulsan, it’s still pitch black and freezing, but it’s already teeming with people, most of whom stayed overnight at lodgings nearby to make it early as possible down to the seaside. This morning has seen a record-breaking crowd of approximately 170-thousand visitors. (Kor ) “I’m so happy to be here with my parents. I wish them good health and hope my brother can get married this year.” Ganjelgot is one of the most popular places to come on New Year’s since it’s the first place on the Korean mainland to see the sun, just 5 minutes after Dokdo Island and around 16 minutes before Seoul. This year, the sun came up here at 7:31 a.m. As the time drew nearer, the horizon glowed with hues of orange, and with them the excitement in the crowd grew. Although not clearly visible at the expected time due to clouds, the new year sun soon appeared, round and red. And at that point, many put their hands together in prayer, making their new year’s wishes. (Korean ) “This is my first time in 40 years to come see the sunrise. I hope I can stay positive and happy this year.”



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