According to the Thomson Reuters report on the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2016/2017, the Islamic Economy – which it defines as consisting of Halal food, Islamic Finance, Halal travel, Modest fashion, Halal media and recreation, and Halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics – is projected to reach a massive 3 trillion US Dollar by 2021.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said, the report also says that Islamic finance assets are projected to have a market size of USD3.5 trillion by the same year.

IMG-20171121-WA0015Furthermore, he added, in the period up to 2021, it predicts growth in the Organisation of Islamic Conference countries to be more than double that of the advanced economies.

He said this in his keynote address during the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum in Kuching.

According to him, Malaysia, as recognised by the report, have made a deliberate and strategic effort to capitalise on the opportunities.


Sarawak News, TextNews

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