President Moon Jae-in shared his vision for stronger economic integration between South Korea, ASEAN, China, and Japan… as he met with all 12 leaders. The most hotly anticipated event for Koreans was his sit-down with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Our Moon Connyoung who is traveling with the president starts us off from Manila. (STAND-UP) “This is the Philippine International Convention Center, the venue of the 2017 Summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and related meetings. The area in and around the venue had been locked down for days leading up to the main event AND Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has made an executive order declaring the three days of the ASEAN Summit special non-working days; schools and offices in the Metro Manila area are closed today… to ensure safety, security, and convenience for leaders and delegations visiting this country for the summit.” ( +3 ) South Korean President Moon Jae-in is one of the eighteen plus leaders attending the international summit. On the second and final day of the summit, Mr. Moon, along with the leaders of the ten ASEAN members and China and Japan, called for joint efforts to further liberalize trade and deepen economic integration. (Korean) “Let us build a community of peace, prosperity and development in the East Asian region. Let’s together overcome the multiple challenges we face today such as trade protectionism, nationalism, polarization, aging society, and climate change.” , , . , , , . AND, of course… security challenges including the growing threat of North Korea’s missile and nuclear program.


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